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  • We're celebrating two years of service, Thank you to all that contributed to this awesome unit!
  • Our quarterly shooting competition and Award Ceremony is comin up soon! Sign up here
  • Are you looking to join the best in the army? Fill out an application and enlist with the 1st IRF. All our operations take place 19.00 UK Time!

    Only the best

    Providing a high level of tactical simulation since 2021!

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    ArmA Veterans

    The 1st International Response Force has a staff with experience in the milsim/realism gaming scene running all the way back to ArmA /OA.

    Our members strive for excellence in everything they do to provide the best experience.

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    Weekly Events

    Our operations simulate real deployments lasting from 1 to 3 months with weekly missions written and built by our Zeus.

    Every combat unit within our structure is required to stay up-to-date with their knowledge and a weekly squad drill is hosted for squad leadership to evaluate and coach their members.

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    Awards & Decorations

    With our personnel system we also provide various awards and decorations that our members can earn

    The awards & Decorations have their own specific prerequisites and are achievable by every member.

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